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Travel and vacations cost sharing

Resorts /cruises/ hotels/ flights and car rentals.
You have a membership choice of $60.00 per month or $998.00 per year
What is travvac.com?

Travvac.com is a platform, where you can book for cruises, resorts, hotels and flights from anywhere in the world giving you the accessibility to obtain great savings from 15 to 70% on flights, cruises, resorts, hotels and car rentals . to more than 600,000 resorts, 2,000,000, hotels. And more than 3,000,000 flights in the world as we reimburse your payments in part or in full, according to your designated level of benefit, found in the cost sharing page which allows you to pay cents on the dollar for your flights and vacations.
As you grow in cost-sharing points in our platform, your membership status will elevate you to a higher profitable position and at the same time you will have access to the monthly compensation payment plan as you invite new members into the company which is optional, if not you will only receive 260.00 reimbursement, and access to your dashboard with quick tools and benefits.


  • Earn 40% pay with each affiliate each month.
  • Travel and go to the most expensive resorts and hotels in the world such as in Punta Cana, Dubai, Paris, Hard Rock Cafe, Taj Mahal, Las Vegas and thousands of others and still pay the same cost of monthly membership while enjoying a higher price vacation, for you and your family one time a year. you can use it any day, week, or month.
    Please note: this is not a timeshare, but a reimbursement program with access to any hotels and resorts.
  • Use your benefits to pay for multiple airline tickets and hotel rooms only booked in your name as an active member.

Benefits start in your first 6 months as an active member and still earn commissions every day as you share your affiliate link.

 After your first 6 month you can claim your getaways or travel.
After the first year, you can book your getaway, fights, rentals for any month during the next year, you will be reimbursed accordingly to the (status) in which you are at that time.

Example: this would be depending on how many cost sharing point you have established in your status posted on your cost sharing page in your dashboard.

¿What is status?

Status is what gives you the range and position of your benefit from 260 to 5,200 in flights, hotels, cruises, resorts and car rentals reimbursement pay every year.


Privilege for resort, hotel, cruise and travel without cost sharing points,

What does it means?

It means you don’t have to promote our business to earn money, just take advantage of these ridiculous bargains anywhere in the world from 15 to 70% off in travel, cruises, hotels, resorts, car rentals, travel guide, ticket network and at the same time get 260.00 reimbursement yearly without affiliating nobody to the platform but if you want to change that just one affiliate can change the game for you.

At status (1) for resort / hotel / travel expenses as an active member, the range is 260.00. This is if you have not brought in an affiliate and escaladed in cost sharing points.

But if you start promoting your link you will start earning points and money from all affiliates.

When you achieve 10 cost-sharing points, your status is elevated to position (2) price range in benefits of 400.00.reimbursement.

What are cost-sharing points?

These are points added to you, posted on your dashboard as people become members in your team, even though you never met them. As members are added, their points are added on to you producing a synergy of points for you and helping you to achieve high ticket prices in travel, hotel, resorts, and cruises plus at the same time you will be earning money for promoting your link.

With 50 points, you get upgraded to status (3) in a profit range of 650.00. From that price range, you can start booking for an entire week in some resorts in the world, Remember at the same time you are earning commissions.

After 70 cost sharing points you get an upgrade to status (4) at 800.00 for the benefit of resort, hotel and flight, cruises, car rentals annually and at the same time you are earning commissions.

With 100 cost sharing points, it rises to status (5) at 1,000.00 for the benefit of resort, hotel and flight and you still invest the same amount.

Status (6)

With 300 cost sharing points, you are entitled to 2,400 in benefit which you can use as you wish in these same vacation benefits only one time a year any day, any week, or any month.

Status (7)

With 1000 cost sharing points you are entitled to up to 5,200 in benefit which you can use as you wish in these same vacation benefits only for you and your family one time a year.

Remember we will only honor purchases made by actives travvac.com  members in travel, hotels, cruises, rentals, resorts and car rentals expenses. You also can even purchase it for someone else as long it is bought by you from your personal account..

Compensation plan

Earn 40% each month from all your direct affiliates, except your 3 and 5 affiliate. This will go to your sponsor, this is the way you can thank him for giving you this marvelous business opportunity. The exiting thing about travac.com affiliate pro is that with two affiliates you’re almost paying your monthly membership payments without any stress or Hassle.

Another exciting thing is that all of the 3 and 5 of all your affiliates will be transferred to you, which makes it a synergy of unlimited financial payment to you.

You can escalate to any cost sharing status you want.
In a day, in a week, in a month, in a year it is all up to you and your small effort in promoting travvac.com affiliate program anywhere in the world.