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1 What does affiliation mean in marketing?

Definition: A way for a company to sell its products or services by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission, in the case of travvac .com we give you a serviceof cost sharing. There are two ways to approach affiliate marketing: You can offer an affiliate program to others or you can sign up to be another business’s affiliate. the products or services does not matter as long as is brings more value to the client then its price.

2 What is travvac ?

Travvac is a platform where anybody can rent vehicle, buy flights, rent hotels, cruise and resorts from any where in the world with discounts from 15 to 70% off, and in the confort of your home or mobile apps, at the best prices in the market. also We have at your disposal a fast track to connect you to any activity and places to visit in the world, travel guide . example if you go to new York city you can search any place or avtivity to do and make your trip more exciting. also if you go to dubai or any other country it dont matter we have made it simple for you.

3 What is travvac affiliate program?

Travvac affiliate program is the best alternative support for people who like to vacation and travel.    It is for those who want to buy a time share but don’t know the dangers and the complicity that all those time share will bring to them.

so we created the alternative, where you are not cornered into buying and using a companies chains of hotels but you will be able to go to any hotel, resorts or buy a flights of your choice using  our search forms as you work to higher status level of benefits. where literally your payments for  vacation, flights, and hotels become pennies on the dollar as you grow in status levels.

4 How do I escalate to a higher status of benefits ?

By bringing more affiliates with your personal link. everyone in your team will past up automatically their cost sharing points to you catapulting you to a higher benefit status.

5 Is travvac a time share or a get rich quick scheme ?

Travvac is not a time share, we are the solution for those who are being tricked by those so called time share, those are buisnesses that will enslaved the buyer. In the contrary with us you will have the liberty to go anywhere, anytime, then  get reimburse according to your status level one time a year.

Travvac is also not a get rich quick business. You will grow according to your effort in promoting your business link as you become an independent business owner.

6 how reimbursement work?

Very easy as a new member you must wait 6 month to use your benefits, after that you can send your hotel, flight, resort,or cruise  recipt to info@travvac.com or benefit@travvac.com wait an get reimburse ones every year.  Remember we will only honor recipts with active member information and it has to have that same year, date that it is  being claim.

7 what happens if a particularly year passes and  i dont use my benefit?

you will lose that years benefits.

Lets explain it with a  given example:  if it is the year 2025, and on 2024 you did not use your benefit that benefit no longer exsist, you will have to use your 2025 year benefit.

8 how does the status system works for the reimbursement?

Lets explain it with a  given example:

¨If my status level it is level 5 giving me 1,000 per year reimbursement, and lets say I spent 400.00 in a flight how do I get the remaing 600.00.? ¨

If you send the 400.00 reciept to us that is what you will get for that year.

But if you wait until you go some where else or book a hotel, go to a cruise.  you Can accumulate as many receipts you  have for that year and get reimburse up to your status level in this case it is 1,000.

9 Is travvac avalible only in the united states?

No it is available any where is the world through travvac.com.

10  when travvac pays their affiliate?

Tavvac will pay between Mondays and Wednesday of every week just make sure you go to your dashboard,  go to withdrawal page and ask for the amount of payment you want from  your dash board.